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Snowmobile season is officially upon us, and almost as important as the trailer that you are housing your snowmobile in are the steps that you are taking to protect your high-value investments. When it comes to finding a semi-permanent solution for protecting your snowmobile trailer floor from damage due to carbides, studs and other modes of wear and tear, look no further than the Mateflex II tile. 

The Mateflex II is the perfect option for a floating trailer floor for a number of reasons. This tile is not only extremely durable, but is also modular by design. If a tile does see excessive damage over time and needs to be replaced, you can easily remove a single unit and install a brand new piece within seconds, no matter where the damaged tile lays within your layout.  This is a huge advantage for the trailer owner, as repairs are a snap and usually very low in cost if extra materials are needed.  Not only is the tile itself durable, but the open grid, flow-through design allows for easy drainage and less surface area for scuffs or scratches to show, removing obvious wear spots from the equation entirely when compared to a solid-top material.  The modular design also allows for a custom color pattern for each trailer, from solid colors to checkerboard patterns to custom lettering. To view some finished trailer projects, check out our snowmobile trailer flooring gallery.

The Mateflex II tile also comes in an easy to remember 12" x 12" size (one square foot per tile), which makes it easy to do the math on how many tiles you may need to cover a measured space.  To calculate the required materials for your trailer, you will simply need the following measurements:

1) Maximum length of your trailer in feet (including additional V-Nose if applicable)

2) Maximum width of trailer box in feet

3) Maximum length and width of any drop down doors/additional surfaces that will need to be covered

4) For Optional Beveled Edging: Maximum width of entrances to trailer box in feet (usually the width of the drop down door, or the lip of the trailer box if the door will not be covered with tile).

To calculate the required materials for your trailer, we recommend first rounding any measurements to the next highest full foot, as this will ensure that your trailer is fully covered from wall to wall.  For example, if the maximum length of your trailer is a 20' box with an additional 4' V-Nose, and the maximum width of your trailer measures 8' 6", we would recommend rounding the width measurement up to 9' and calculating the required square footage based on a 24' total length (20' box + 4' V-Nose) by a 9' width. 

To continue this example, with a 6' long by 7' wide drop down door that is to be covered as well, an additional 42 square feet will need to be added to your total calculations, and 7' of additional beveled edging material for your doors as well to finish the space.  This will bring your total required materials to 258 square feet of tile, and 7 linear feet of beveled edging.  Female beveled edging is typically preferred as the loops will face into the trailer, allowing for the installer to first line the edging where this will need to lay, and to then proceed with the tile installation into the trailer interior and allowing for any tile trim work to occur where necessary.  These tiles can be screwed into the trailer floor around the perimeter row of tile about 6" - 9" apart to prevent shifting or movement, or these can be free laid over your surface for easy removal in the offseason. 

We carry a large selection of our Mateflex II tiles in-stock so they are ready to ship upon order, and our tiles are easily available through our Mateflex Webstore.  Please also feel free to contact us at 800-926-3539, and we will be happy to help calculate your required materials or to help process your order!

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