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Snowmobile Trailer Flooring

Looking to protect your snowmobile trailer floor during the winter months? Look no further than the Mateflex II

Snowmobile Trailer Flooring

The Mateflex II tile is one of the best snowmobile trailer floor options on the market today, and that’s due to our durable, modular design that allows you to both customize your floor color and pattern to best fit your needs. Our Mateflex II tile design also allows for easy maintenance and simple repairs. 

The Mateflex II tile is an open grid, modular tile that can be swapped in and out as necessary, which makes cleaning in the off-season or converting back to your original trailer floor a breeze.  The Mateflex II can either freely float over your trailer floor, or it can be permanently fastened around the perimeter and to your drop down doors as well.  If a tile is damaged in the center of your trailer, it is very simple to pop out a single piece and to put in a replacement in just a few minutes.

The open grid design of the Mateflex II allows for maximum drainage without impeding the flow of water both through the tile and out of the trailer, and also shows less wear and tear than a solid top floor.  The Mateflex II is available in a number of different colors and is time tested to hold up to the abuse that a snowmobile trailer floor can see over a number of seasons.  

  • Quick installation time
  • Excellent durability
  • Floor portability
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    Outdoor Solution

    The Matéflex II tile features a narrow gauge rib system for quick drainage, high traction, and good ball bite (less skid), which is ideal for tennis court resurfacing. This is comparable to using a narrow gauge racquet string. Even after many years of wear and tear, these ribs will maintain the same width and therefore the same playing speed.

    Each Matéflex II tile has 32 individual interlocks and surrounding modules for superior court integrity. The interlocking tile is firm for a stable playing platform that is also reinforced for exceptional strength and court longevity, which is necessary for any tennis court design.

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    M2 GREEN
  • Some of the Best customer service I’ve ever dealt with. They got my order shippped right away and custom for my dimensions can’t wait to install it.
    - Blake M., WI
  • We have really enjoyed our gym floor. We have had it for two years now. The company is very responsive and the product is tremendous. Would highly recommend.
    - Edward H.
  • Mateflex is the best modular floor tile company we have worked with. For the past 7 years, they are the only company we will work with. Their products are made of quality materials. Their staff is supportive and patient and they delivery exactly what they tell you they will.
    - Bill C.
  • MateFlex provided amazing customer service that to finding me the perfect flooring for my project.
    - Carrie S.
  • The response of our members and visiting players has been quite positive.
    - Ron L.
  • Good court…much better than cement or asphalt.
    - Mike C.
  • I found it to be an awesome and fun product to use. Cosmetically very easy on the eye, and hard wearing.
    - Jason B.
  • Please let your bosses know I really appreciate your professionalism and attention to details. My daughter and I love the court!
    - Lewis M., PA
  • I just wanted to let you know that we are receiving many compliments on the new floor. It looks and feels great. Thanks for getting the job done so quickly and efficiently! The color scheme and line painting really work well with the color structure within the building. I appreciate your time and effort put forth on this.
    - Matthew C.
  • Thank you for your help and recommendations. The color is perfect and the texture is great under bare feet! It will be wonderful around our pool.
    - Mary Ellen S., RI
  • Love it! Home run. Thanks so much.
    - Clark Pool