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Tired of buying office flooring or retail flooring for your rented building? The modular design of Matéflex flooring will allow you to take your office or retail floors with you upon relocation!

Office Flooring

Matéflex recommends Carpetflex or TileFlex for your office flooring needs. Both do-it-yourself products allow for quick installation, while also offering excellent durability.

If you happen to move from your current location, Matéflex tiles are a portable flooring option that can be easily disassembled, transported, and re-installed to fit your new office flooring arrangement.

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  • Quick installation time
  • Excellent durability
  • Floor portability
  • CarpetFlex

    Indoor Solution

    CarpetFlex’s unique construction allows for optimal airflow and protects the carpet from dampness. The modular carpet is designed as a single, snap-together unit which allows you to easily install flooring for sunrooms and more.

    CarpetFlex is available in two colors, charcoal, and tan, to match your décor.

    CarpetFlex is ideal for both residential and commercial flooring solutions. Make your original design statement with CarpetFlex by Matéflex, America’s original modular flooring company.

  • TileFlex

    Indoor Solution

    Ideal for aerobic flooring, utility room flooring, family rooms, and all types of recreation areas, TileFlex has a unique construction that allows for airflow and keeps the surface away from potential dampness. Each tile is a single, snap-together unit for easy installation. Best of all, you can quickly and easily install vinyl flooring where other products cannot go.

    TileFlex will complement your residential and commercial flooring applications, so choose Matéflex, America’s original modular flooring company.

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