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Since 1974, Mateflex has provided quality modular tile surfaces for an ever growing list of applications. With every passing year, we continue to evolve and adapt to include new products and solutions for the changing environment around us.  It's been quite a journey over the past half-century, and entering 2024 we remain as dedicated as ever to keeping our original vision of providing a quality product with exceptional customer experience in mind. As we reflect on our companies history, we take a look back at where we came from to help maintain our goal of being the most valuable partner we can be to our customers.

A Brief History of Mateflex

In 1973, Edward Mele, an avid tennis player of over thirty years, was investigating available tennis court surface styles for use on two of his private, personal courts. Through his research, Mr. Mele found a product called Mateflex that had been used as a tennis court surface overlay in many professional tournaments in Europe, and in three of six Grand Prix Masters tournaments played elsewhere across the globe. In 1973, the Grand Prix Masters final was played on Mateflex in Boston, MA, and Mr. Mele finally had the opportunity to try the Mateflex Classic tennis surface in person for the first time. 

After giving the material it's initial test run, Mr. Mele immediately purchased two brand new courts, and was so impressed by the material that he began to consider the product as an option for one of his personal business ventures, a plastic manufacturing plant based in Utica, NY.  He, along with his brother Joseph Mele, an equally successful and aggressive business partner in his own right, ultimately acquired the permission to manufacture Mateflex in the United States, forming the Mateflex-Mele Corporation in 1974.  

From the dawn of Mateflex and the original Classic tile that is still in use today (just for different applications), we have since:

Mateflex Timeline

1986 - Introduction of Mateflex II and Mateflex Expansion Joint Technology

1987 - Introduction of the Mateflex III tile for outdoor inline hockey and roller skating rinks

2001 - SoftFlex, TileFlex and CarpetFlex products are first launched, expanding Mateflex into the pool, spa and interior residential markets

2006 - The ProGym tile is first sold, our improved solid-top surface for indoor basketball, volleyball or inline hockey

2010 - The popular HomeCourt tile is introduced, solidifying Mateflex as a top brand for outdoor basketball and recreational court tiles

2016 - ProGym Plank revolutionizes the indoor sport surface world, combining the look and feel of plank luxury vinyl tile with the low cost, maintenance and ease of installation of modular tile 

2021 - The TopCourt tile takes the pickleball world by storm


From humble beginnings with just a single tile design strictly for tennis courts, to the multiple product lines now supporting limitless applications today, Mateflex is still here and stronger than ever as we celebrate our 50th anniversary.  Call today to join in on the fun!

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