Menlo Roof

The list of applications for Mateflex tiles is endless. One unique use of Mateflex is to improve the aesthetics of a view from a high rise building. Often times, large commercial buildings use a white TPO roofing material for large sections of flat roofs. Over time, these areas can be unsightly as the roof collects dirt and grime. One way to fix that problem is to cover the roofing material with Mateflex’s HomeCourt tile. It is safe to use over top of this type of roofing material because of its unique footprint design. It will also add a layer of protection to the roof from common causes of punctures. It is not only practical, but with 19 different colors available and limitless design potential, it can be used to compliment the architecture of unique commercial buildings. Check out this newly installed Mateflex rooftop cover at a brand new hotel in California!

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