Anyone who has installed a tile court system will tell you that tackling such a project for the first time can appear to be a hefty task. How is anyone supposed to naturally know how to install a basketball court, right? Sure, this can seem like a major task at first, but with some help and guidance from our team, you can become your own contractor and pay yourself for your services.  

While many of our customers will opt to include an on-site installation via the Mateflex team to their total cost (especially those who are facing a multiple bank tennis court or full inline hockey rink, which are huge projects!), some of our more ambitious HomeCourt clients will prefer a Do-It-Yourself (DIY for short) approach to installing their new Mateflex tile system. Installing a backyard court system can have a number of benefits for the homeowner, such as:

  • Benefit #1: Allowing the homeowner to become more familiar with and knowledgeable about their product and investment.  This know-how will be invaluable should you need to repair or add sections of tile, or if you will need to install our product again in the future (like when your family and friends become jealous of your new court!)

  • Benefit #2: Creating a family friendly task to work on with the kids.  This is a great opportunity to teach handy techniques and procedures that anyone and everyone can benefit from

  • Benefit #3: Limiting your household exposure to travelers, especially due to Covid-19 restrictions

  • Benefit #4 (But #1 to Most!): Finally, to save on the total cost of the project! Installing your court or rink on your own can help you to cut back on travel costs and expenses and net huge savings

Despite the many advantages that come with a DIY install, some homeowners will still request our team to assist with an installation, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach, we find that this can sometimes be discouraging because of the additional costs that can ultimately be avoided.

From our perspective, we certainly see both sides of this situation.  We enjoy seeing a customer who is willing to tackle a DIY installation on their own (with our complimentary remote assistance if needed, of course) and passing along the added benefits above, but we also understand how daunting a task this can seem for the average homeowner that has no previous experience with such a project.  With this in mind, we have been working hard on finding ways to make the court installation process easier than ever moving forward.

For most, the simplest way to learn our unique and effective installation process will be to watch and learn directly from our team. We have recently created a series of videos to help you learn the Mateflex way!  Visit our YouTube page to check out our newest additions to our channel, in which we have added a variety of new videos covering the major concepts of a total court installation. To further assist with the DIY installation process, we are also able to pre-paint smaller courts in our warehouse space to help minimize the amount of required on-site work, allowing the customer to simply install and play with no dry time required. Last but most important, we are only a phone call away should you require any additional support. 

We will be adding more to our YouTube page in the coming months, so please like and subscribe to stay informed.

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