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In the Fall of 2021, a small church organization had contacted Mateflex in regards to putting the finishing touches on their newly constructed gymnasium. The church was looking for a high quality indoor basketball flooring solution that would not only work for indoor basketball, but could also be function as their indoor volleyball court floor, and also as a space to host a variety of church related events as well. The customer had previously hosted these events on a concrete floor that was not only uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for small children to play on, but this type of surface also did not offer the color and customization options that the church was interested in as well.

After going over details of the project, such as the total dimensions of the room and their preferred color scheme, and after gaining insight into the customers focus on providing a safe surface that is durable, customizable to match the churches colors and easy to install with a limited budget in mind, we helped the customer decide that our ProGym tile would be the best solution for their space. For this particular installation, the church had chosen to have their courts pre-painted by Mateflex with their preferred and pre-determined game lines, and then had the materials shipped in order to install with remote guidance from the Mateflex team. By installing the tiles on their own, the customer was able to learn more about how the product is installed should they need to replace tiles in the future, and they were also able to save on the total cost of the project.  The ProGym tiles were installed quickly & easily in time for their upcoming youth Basketball tournaments. The customer was then gracious enough to provide us "before and after" pictures of the court space, which show how much life the ProGym was able to bring to the room:


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