When building a sports complex, the flooring used is one of the highlights of the facility.  It is for this reason that you don’t want to skimp on your choice of flooring but it is important to choose the right surface that suits your facility needs.  There are many options available, but one of the most versatile flooring options is a modular tile system.  It can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional flooring systems and the fact that it is modular means your investment could move with you, especially valuable should you be renting your facility.  There has been much advancement in modular flooring technology over the past few years that can allow you to achieve the look and feel of a real wood floor at a fraction of the cost.  One of the most innovative modular flooring tiles for sports applications on the market today is ProGym Plank by Mateflex.  Its 4”x36” plank design gives you the look and feel of a real hardwood floor and is able to be installed in areas where traditional wood flooring would likely fail.  It is backed by an industry leading 15 year limited warranty, made by the oldest name in the modular flooring business.  Consider ProGym Plank by Mateflex for your multi-use sports complex!

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