Expansion Joint

Have you ever wondered why Mateflex stresses the importance of its expansion joint technology along with its unique installation process? Read on for an in depth article discussing the benefits of the exclusive engineering design Mateflex utilizes.

On all of their outdoor sport tiles, Mateflex incorporates a unique leaf-spring type expansion joint every three inches. This feature is the single most important element in the design of Mateflex tiles that sets their products apart from all of the competition.

-The first benefit of the expansion joints and installation procedure is that it increases player comfort and reduces leg stress by offering a controlled lateral give during play. Other loose laid, less-engineered products argue that they offer lateral give, but it is never controlled causing inconsistencies in a players footing while playing.

-The second benefit of the expansion joints is that it allows each tile to easily conform to undulations in the substrate. Let’s face it, most modular tile installations are not going over a perfect subsurface and in most cases are going over a surface that is so bad that traditional surfaces are just not an option. More rigid tiles that do not allow for them to flex over minor base problems will create inconsistencies in your game.

-The third benefit is that the expansion joints eliminate any possibility of tile warpage. Over time, less engineered products tend to deform to the point where the tiles can warp. Tile warpage will raise the support feet off of the substrate causing poor footing and ball bounce, which can be very dangerous.

So, not only do the expansion joints have player comfort and safety in mind, they also allow for Mateflex to install their surfaces in a unique way. When installed properly, a Mateflex surface will have the outside perimeter of the court fastened to the subsurface. This is where the expansion joint technology excels Mateflex products past the competition and is done for several practical reasons:
-To prevent physical or thermal movement of the surface throughout its long service life.
Depending on the size of your project, a modular tile surface can move even under normal playing conditions. Also, the material used for all outdoor modular tiles expands and contracts dramatically depending on temperature and sun conditions. The Mateflex design and installation techniques eliminate all problems associated with physical and thermal movement of your surface.
-To allow the surface to be trimmed tight to any vertical obstruction, without leaving excessive space for thermal expansion.
To accommodate thermal expansion, all less engineered modular tiles have to leave large gaps around any vertical obstructions in the court (i.e. posts, fences, etc.) This causes a safety issue on many levels. With a Mateflex tile system, the material is trimmed tight to all obstructions offering a much safer surface and giving your court a much more finished, clean look.
-To maintain accurate playing line dimensions that will not vary due to temperature.
This is a very basic requirement of all sport surfaces, but many modular tiles cannot truly claim to have accurate game line dimensions because of the large degree of variation in the surface size due to temperature changes. The Mateflex design maintains consistent game line dimensions regardless of temperature.
-To provide a continuous playing surface, even on large multiple court layouts, without any breaks.
Mateflex excels in large outdoor project work. Less engineered modular tiles sometimes will leave breaks in between multiple court layouts to allow for thermal expansion. No matter how large the project, Mateflex will offer a continuous playing surface.
-To prevent vandals from lifting and damaging the edge of the court.
A modular tile system is an expensive investment, so why would you want to just have it sitting out there unsecured. The Mateflex installation process give you piece of mind that your court will still be there when you wake up in the morning.

Mateflex has a wide variety of tile designs that are suitable for an unimaginable amount of applications. Let a Mateflex representative work with you to determine what the best surface is for you, and rest assured that the Mateflex design truly has player safety in mind.

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