Workshop & Garage Flooring

Fix your cracked, chipped, or oil-stained floor with Matéflex garage floor tiles and workshop flooring.

Garage Floor Tiles

Matéflex is designed to enhance the appearance, usability, and value of your garage or workshop by creating a brighter and warmer environment. Mateflex’s interlocking garage floor tiles provide a solid industrial look and can be cleaned with a broom or leaf blower.

Our Matéflex II or III feature an open-grid design that is excellent for garage flooring as each allows snow, mud, dirt, and water to drain through and keep your vehicles and equipment clean. These tiles can be hosed off, cleaned with a shop vacuum, or pulled up and swept clean.

Each product can be installed in less than a day, conforms to minor base undulations, and includes a 15-year warranty.

Unlike epoxy coatings, Matéflex garage floor tiles can be driven on immediately after installation, while their workshop flooring tiles keep your equipment and tools high and dry.

As an added convenience, our open-grid garage flooring will not be damaged from moisture, oil, anti-freeze, or other harsh fluids. So protect your vehicles, tools, and yard equipment with Mateflex!



  • Not affected by moisture
  • Do-it-yourself installation
  • Lasts longer than epoxy floors
  • Mateflex II

    Outdoor Solution

    The Matéflex II tile features a narrow gauge rib system for quick drainage, high traction, and good ball bite (less skid), which is ideal for tennis court resurfacing. This is comparable to using a narrow gauge racquet string. Even after many years of wear and tear, these ribs will maintain the same width and therefore the same playing speed.

    Each Matéflex II tile has 32 individual interlocks and surrounding modules for superior court integrity. The interlocking tile is firm for a stable playing platform that is also reinforced for exceptional strength and court longevity, which is necessary for any tennis court design.

  • Mateflex III

    Outdoor Solution

    The Matéflex III tile features a high-density rib pattern for tremendous durability under the most demanding conditions. That’s what makes this modular surface a safe bet for a variety of court applications including an outdoor volleyball court, outdoor basketball surface, and outdoor inline hockey.

  • MII Main
    M2 GREEN
  • M3 v2
    m3 blue

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