Improve the comfort, performance, and aesthetics of your aerobics studio with TileFlex or PlankFlex Woodgrain aerobics flooring from Matéflex.

Comfortable, Beautiful Flooring for a Truly Great Aerobics Experience

A strong aerobics offering can dramatically impact a fitness center’s bottom line, so it’s in the best interest of owners and managers to provide the best possible aerobics experience for students.

Three characteristics set the best aerobics classes apart: 1.) An outstanding teacher. 2.) A great program. 3.) An exceptionally designed aerobics studio.

Matéflex can help your fitness facility ensure that #3 is in the bag. Our secret weapon for aerobics spaces is TileFlex and PlankFlex Woodgrain. A durable, snap-together modular flooring used for a wide variety of aerobic activities, TileFlex and PlankFlex provide a cushioned surface that absorbs shock, reduces stress on joints, fights fatigue, and supports even your highest-intensity aerobics class.

TileFlex and PlankFlex interlocking floor tiles are available in several popular woodgrain patterns. A wide variety of options allow you to tailor the ambience of the space to suit your needs. These can be mixed and matched to create a distinctive look and effortlessly harmonize your space and flooring.

Leading fitness centers choose Matéflex, but we’re also a great choice for smaller studios and even homes. TileFlex and PlankFlex exercise room flooring’s easy, do-it-yourself assembly lets you get your aerobics studio active quicker. Plus, there’s no need to worry about the potential of location changes. TileFlex and PlankFlex is 100% portable. Simply dismantle and transport to your new location.

Whatever the size and intensity of your aerobics operation, Matéflex can help you improve the fitness experience. We’re America’s oldest modular flooring manufacturer for a reason – we offer unparalleled quality, durability, and service. Get in touch for a quote or to learn more about our aerobics flooring.

Choose Matéflex for:

  • Experience. As the oldest American modular tile manufacturer, Matéflex has been providing high-quality solutions since 1974. And we just keep getting better.
  • Quality. We won’t settle for anything less than the highest standards for materials and manufacturing. We supervise our molding process so we’re always in control of quality.
  • Performance. Our products are engineered to enhance comfort and performance – and it will show in your players’ game.
  • Safety. Matéflex products were developed with injury-prevention in mind.
  • Durability. Protect your investment by choosing long-lasting flooring products.
  • Ease. Every Matéflex product was designed to be portable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective.
  • Service. We provide outstanding support from design to installation and throughout the life of your court.  



  • The Perfect Balance: Performance / Durability
  • Do-it-yourself installation
  • Matéflex is America’s premier manufacturer of modular flooring