A popular application for Mateflex is for rooftop sports. There are countless examples of applications including tennis, basketball and other multi-purpose courts. Its portable design and ease of installation makes it a perfect solution for roof decks where traditional sports flooring options are not feasible. But that’s not all; Mateflex is used for pool decks as well as to spruce up outdoor living spaces. In fact, Mateflex has even been used to cover up roofing material to make the roof visually appealing. This brand new hotel has a beautiful view for guests as they enter and exit the elevator area overlooking the Philadelphia sports complexes. The team at Mateflex worked with the hotel owners to come up with a design that matched the building features and this is what they came up with. In the end it was a beautiful tile design that drastically improved an already impressive view for hotel guests. Consider what you can do with your rooftop and Mateflex!

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