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The Capital District YMCA has one of the only YMCA facilities in the United States that offers an ice skating rink to its members. While this is a great benefit to the community, the cost to maintain the facility and lack of popularity during summer months prohibits it from being able to be utilized as an ice rink year round. So the staff at the Capital District YMCA was in search of a solution that would enable them to use this area year round. This led them to choose Mateflex to cover the hard concrete surface with their Inline Arena Tile while the ice was removed during the summer months to create an indoor multi-purpose area.

The new surface allows them to have a safe area where they can play inline hockey, basketball, along with a multitude of other sports and activities. The use of taped game lines allows for the facility to reconfigure the space for multiple uses throughout the season, yet make the installation and removal process much easier. Mateflex offers a supervisor to visit the site every year during set up and removal to work with the YMCA staff to ensure that the installation goes smoothly.

The 17,000 square foot surface has helped to generate more revenue for the YMCA during down time and created an excitement within the community to have a facility that can offer programs year round for multiple applications.

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