Smithtown Inline Hockey

Using Mateflex III for your outdoor inline hockey surface is ideal for many reasons. It will provide a smoother, more consistent playing surface that is friendlier for both the players and your equipment. It will last much longer than traditional coatings and if damage does occur, tiles can easily be replaced. But what is the best way to handle the game lines for an inline hockey rink? There are two options; they can either be painted on the surface or they can be done with different colored tiles. Painting the lines will give you a more realistic hockey look, but it is a wear item and the sport of inline hockey inherently makes the game lines deteriorate quicker than if the surface was used for sneaker sports. Going this route will require frequent touch ups as the game lines will wear down. The most popular and long lasting way to go would be to use different colored tiles for all of the game lines. It is no extra cost and minimizes maintenance over time, a win-win for everyone!

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