A regulation high school basketball court has a playing area of 50’x84’. While this is the standard, basketball courts come in all different sizes. So what size basketball court is right for you? The first thing to determine is where the court will be going. This will ultimately dictate how much space you have available for your playing surface. The second thing to think about is what you will be using the surface for. Will you be playing full court basketball or are you just looking for a half court setup to practice your shooting skills? Do you want to incorporate other sports into the surface like pickleball, volleyball, or tennis? Once you have an idea of how the court will be used and what space you have available, it would be easier to determine the best size. Then it is time to talk with Mateflex to determine the best way to move forward with your new basketball court surface design. HomeCourt by Mateflex would be installed on top of a concrete or asphalt pad giving you the most technologically advanced outdoor modular tile surface available. With each tile being one square foot and available in 19 standard colors, the design options are endless ensuring you will be able to find a combination perfect for your application.

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