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Comments from the members at The Toledo Tennis Club:

“It rained steadily – We were wet – Balls were wet – Court was dry – Great choice – Thanks to all involved.”
– Paul Macy

“I was able to run, change direction, and move about more confidently than on either asphalt or Har-Tru.”
– Bill Rathbun

“Very, very pleased. A big improvement over the hardcourts and better weather-wise than Har-Tru.”
– Dave Nershi

Dear Mateflex,

We love our new floor! When I brought in the sample floor that I won at the Jazzercise function in Orlando in April, our students went crazy. Our center floor was carpet over concrete - and the carpeting was both worn and ugly. Students have complained of sore ankles and knees because of the concrete so we were in desperate need of a new floor.

The feedback has been tremendous since we installed the floor just 3 days ago. Everyone raves about the appearance and notices the difference for their feet, ankles and knees. Some comment that they feel more energetic on the new floor. I would recommend that anyone considering a new floor should order a box of tiles and assemble them for their students to try out. Believe me, once they try it they'll want it and will help pay for it.

Sharon Sullivan
Jazzercise Instructor
Cincinnati, OH

Dear Mateflex,

"A few weeks ago, my fiancé and I dropped by the management Office and congratulated you on the wonderful improvements and great work done on the tennis courts. It is one thing receiving a verbal congratulations and another receiving it in writing. Therefore, we wanted to send this note to congratulate you once again on a job well done. My fiancé and I use the tennis courts more throughout the year than we do in the summer, and we can only commend you on your choice of material. We have been out on the courts throughout the winter months and can actually play on the courts, even after it has rained! The puddles of water remain underneath the tiled material, permitting the use of the courts more often than before. Again, we appreciate the time, thought, and consideration taken in improving the tennis courts. We can only say that they are very impressive and we have been enjoying them thoroughly."

Best Regards,
Georgetown Village,
Condominium Member

“The floor is fabulous, we are loving it, not only does it look great, but we are jumping higher now”
– Niantic Jazzercise