Shower / Locker Room


  • Quick & Easy Assembly
  • Full time anti-microbial material
  • Unique texture for safety and comfort

Shower / Locker Room

Locker Room Floor

Matéflex offers excellent choices for your shower and locker room flooring needs. Matéflex’s raised support system allows water to drain beneath the tile and keeps you up off the wet floor.

SoftFlex is a unique solution that directly addresses the need for a flow-through drain tile. A super soft, yet extremely durable PVC formula provides the ultimate in comfort. The lightly textured surface provides reliable anti-slip footing for a variety of indoor applications. It's super soft PVC material allows it to be rolled up so you can clean your shower or locker room floor with ease.

HomeCourt is made from a tough polypropylene material for a long service life in any climate. Its engineered flex joints and open grid design make it an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor pool floors. Both products come in a variety of designer colors, making an attractive and distinctive design part of its appeal.

Another product of the Flex line is CarpetFlex. This flow through tile allows you to use carpet where you normally couldn’t. Its raised base keeps the carpet off your wet locker room floor and allows air circulation to speed drying time.

SoftFlex, HomeCourt, and CarpetFlex are all interlocking tile systems, eliminating the need for a threshold, and are an excellent choice for shower and locker room flooring.

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