Whether you choose ProGym or TileFlex by Matéflex, you are choosing a floor manufactured by the originators of modular sports flooring.

It’s great for Basketball, Volleyball, Aerobics, Community Centers or any other Multi-Purpose Flooring Area.

ProGym™ provides a solid surface that is as responsive as a wood floor at a fraction of the cost, but the real beauty is how it all comes together. The tile's positive locking system provides for easy assembly. It easily installs over a subfloor, or our 3 mm rubber underlayment may be installed to further reduce impact.

TileFlex Maple is a perfect choice for fitness flooring and never needs refinishing, plus it is low maintenance.  Get the traditional look of a wood floor for a fraction of the cost. TileFlex is available in our Maple Woodgrain and Parquet Patterns. You can also accent your facility with our Woodgrain trim colors, which are blue, red, black, and green. 

So when it comes time to choose your Multi-Purpose flooring surface, your investment in the best modular surface is backed by the first and oldest name in the business, Mateflex.



  • The Perfect Balance: Performance /  Durability
  • National installation available
  • Mateflex is America's premier manufacturer of modular flooring