Matéflex’s interlocking design makes creating - and recreating - your display floor a breeze.


Matéflex’s interlocking design makes creating - and recreating - your DISPLAY FLOOR a breeze.

The temporary nature and purpose of retail displays and exhibit booths pose a unique challenge. The necessity for ease of assembly and take down over shadow the quality of image and atmosphere that is essential for attracting new customers and clients. Often cramped for space or expensive to rent, these spaces call for a flexible display flooring solution that's up to the task. Whether you need a no-nonsense industrial feel or want to provide a plush, more refined space, Matéflex has a modular tile to address your specific needs.

From the open grid convenience of our Matéflex II and III tiles to the sophisticated style of our TileFlex and CarpetFlex products, Matéflex offers you an array of durable, high performance options. Attractive and easy to assemble, our modular tile is engineered to give you a cushioned surface that will keep you comfortable and fight the fatigue of hours of standing.

A supreme solution for temporary display floors, Matéflex brings both beauty and utility to your display area.


  • Quick installation time
  • Excellent durability
  • Floor portability