Mateflex Marine and Dock Flooring


  • Underside provides drainage of liquids
  • Unique texture provides non-slip safety
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant

Marine / Docks

Marine Flooring

Choose MATÉFLEX FOR sure footing and reliable drainage in your dock and marine flooring.

Let the raised support system and open grid design of our HomeCourt or Matéflex II and III tiles keep you and your gear dry. The open architecture allows water to flow through, diverting it from the surface to provide a safer, cleaner, waterproof flooring that won't rot or mildew. Plus, it lets moisture escape, keeping your substrate drier and cleaner as well.

Our HomeCourt and Matéflex II and III tiles are made from a tough polypropylene material for a long service life in any climate. The engineered flex joints and floating design make them an excellent choice for marine areas and dock flooring. All three products come in a variety of designer colors, making an attractive and distinctive design part of their appeal.

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