Highly-functional, specialized flooring solutions brought to you by America’s premier manufacturer of modular flooring.  A system of interlocking floor tiles, Matéflex is an excellent choice for any residential flooring or specialized flooring application, especially for rented spaces and facilities. Easily disassembled and ported to a new location, a Mateflex modular floor is both mobile and durable.

  • Basements


    Finally! Enjoy the rich beauty of carpeting or vinyl with the unique flexibility of modular flooring. Matéflex takes basement flooring to the next level in beauty and functionality.

  • Garages / Workshops

    Garages / Workshops

    Fix your cracked, chipped or oil stained floor with Matéflex. Whether it’s your garage or workshop, Matéflex provides garage flooring options for you.

  • Decks / Patios

    Decks / Patios

    Tired of repainting your old deck?

  • Pools / Spas

    Pools / Spas

    Tired of standing in a puddle of water? Then choose Matéflex for your spa or pool surround. Matéflex’s raised support system allows water to drain beneath the tile and keeps you up off the wet...

  • Shower / Locker Room

    Shower / Locker Room

    Matéflex offers excellent choices for your shower and locker room flooring needs. Matéflex’s raised support system allows water to drain beneath the tile and keeps you up off the wet floor.

  • Sun Rooms

    Sun Rooms

    Matéflex is a great solution for your three-season room or sunroom flooring needs.

  • Event Flooring

    Event Flooring

    Matéflex’s modular design makes it an excellent choice for special event flooring. Every Matéflex product is modular in design and allows for quick and easy assembly and dis-assembly of your event...

  • Retail / Office Space

    Retail / Office Space

    Tired of buying office or retail flooring for your landlord's building?

  • Marine / Docks

    Marine / Docks

    Choose Matéflex for sure footing and reliable drainage in your dock and marine flooring.

  • Display Flooring

    Display Flooring

    Matéflex’s interlocking design makes creating - and recreating - your display floor a breeze.