There’s more to a great game of tennis than a strong serve. You need something strong under your foot and at Matéflex we are dedicated to designing tennis court surfaces…like Matéflex II.

The Matéflex II for tennis court construction solves recurring base problems, whether it’s RESTORATIONRENOVATION, or an OVERLAY of existing tennis courts. The Matéflex II is designed to be installed over an existing hard base such as asphalt or concrete. For your outdoor tennis court, Matéflex II allows for rapid rainwater drainage to get you back on the court quicker.

At Matéflex our professional design team can help you build a tennis court designed to fit your needs and our factory direct installation team will also assist you with tennis court installation using a variety of tennis court surfaces.

Once in place its sophisticated system of cross ribs affords a completely flat play surface that puts a spring into every step, reducing fatigue. What’s more, Matéflex tennis court surfaces are fully modular.


Matéflex II incorportates a unique leaf-spring type flex joint system.
This has three important advantages.

  • Controls thermal expansion.
  • Provides controlled lateral give during play for reducing leg stress and adding comfort. 
  • Conforms to minor undulations in the base.