Like few other sports, Inline Hockey demands an extremely high level of performance from the players and from the surface beneath their wheels. That's why so many facility owners are choosing Matéflex for their inline hockey rinks.

Inline Arena Tile and Matéflex III represent the very latest in design and technology for indoor and outdoor inline hockey flooring. Matéflex surfaces provide a unique combination of fast puck speed, low abrasion and consistent skating characteristics.

Both our indoor and outdoor products are offered in our 16 standard colors. Game lines may be done with a tile for low maintenance or may be painted for a more traditional look.

Whether it's an indoor or outdoor hockey court your investment in the best modular surface is fully backed by the first and oldest name in the business, Mateflex.


Matéflex III incorportates a unique leaf-spring type flex joint system.
This has three important advantages.

  • Controls thermal expansion.
  • Provides controlled lateral give during play for reducing leg stress and adding comfort. 
  • Conforms to minor undulations in the base.